Monthly Archives: May 2015

Tov L’Hodot Mizrahi Reggae

Tehillim / Psalm 92 GOOD TO GIVE THANKS and bring in SHABBAT with JOY with and in all styles and Music genres! Hope you enjoy this new Sound from Micha'el ben David, a victorious sound for the Righteous! MIZRACHI REGGAE! SO Dance away beloved! Be richly blessed in HaKadosh Baruch Hu! May YAH bless you…
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Eshet Chayim (Woman of Might)

CELEBRATING WOMAN ~ the G-d fearing Woman Shabbat is a time when the woman of the home is praised, extolled and loved on! In light of Mother's Day as well, we are releasing this new music video on the Proverbs 31 'Woman of Virtue' to honor all Jewish women and non-Jewish women who love and…
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