Tikvah v’Ruach Chen (Hope and the Spirit of Grace)

There wouldn’t be any HOPE for me, for all Israel, nor for the nations without HaKadosh Baruch Hu YHVH the Creator of the Universe, the Holy One of Israel, Blessed Be He & Yeshua Melech HaMoshiach through Whom and by Whom and in Whom all things were created, exist and still stand! He will come again soon to restore all things and then all Creation will willingly give Him the proper Kavod/Glory due to Him!

“Give to YHVH, O families of the peoples; give to YHVH glory and strength.”
-Tehillim/Psalm 96:7

Special Thanks

To my co-producer and friend Phillip Rogers for your loving support and encouragement always! And to all the amazing musicians involved in this holy project beginning with Phil Rogers, James Block, Elisheva Veronica Ruf,  Gabriel Leonhard, Yonatan Niv, Alon Tamir, Yaron Yerachmiel, Ofer Golany, & Eliyahu Rosenblaum.

And the sweetest thanks to all the angelic singers with golden voices starting with amazing Yael Tai, Tal Karo, Hannah Howard, Branna Rottinghaus, Jessica Uhlman, and Maury Epstein! Thanks for lending your gifts, that HaShem has graciously given you, back to Him and for blessing the world over with your sounds and with your essence! May people all over the world be richly blessed by this Joyful Sound coming out of Jerusalem!

“Blessed are the people who know the joyful sound! They walk, YHVH, in the Light of Your countenance.”
-Tehillim/Psalm 89:15

Additional thanks also to Rafael DiFuria, Ness Raphael, Maren Peter for the holy Photos and Gabriel Leonhard for the Tsemach David logo, and Sara Zdrojkowska for the amazing Graphics and CD covers and inserts, Frank Ross, Gabriel Leonhard and Victor Schultz for our websites upkeep. And thank you for all your friendship in Jerusalem and all around the world ~ my holy Mishpacha! Rich and glorious blessings to ALL!

With His Love,
Micha’el Eliyahu Ben David ~ Prophetic Psalmist

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