Monthly Archives: June 2017

Esther’s Song video released!

Shavua Tov u'mevorach and Shavuot Sameach, With great joy may we present to you our latest work, Esther's Song - the music video Esther By Micha'el Eliyahu & Ashley BenDavid ENJOY!!! Interested in supporting our work? Esther's Song HD video download is available for $9.99. Purchasing it supports our ministry, enables us to produce music…
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Esther’s Song

Shalom U'Vracha Chaverim Yekarim, We, at EmetZionMusic, do hope that you enjoy this beautiful rendition of the story of Esther, a story of great courage that is very much so for our Day. We just sense that we've entered a very set apart season in the world. And we at EmetZionMusic wanted to convey a…
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Esther’s Song – HD video

Shalom friends! We've overjoyed to announce a new HD music video, Esther's Song! Set to music from our latest album with a timely message for this season, we hope you enjoy this new work! [insert page='2908' display='content']
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