Watchman: What of the Night?

What a journey making this CD has been whereas we explored with many different genres such as jazz, reggae, hip-hop, Mizrachi, African, Irish, even techno/dance. Not something I would normally do, but it felt good to spread my creative wings as teh writer/producer. Having achieved what we’ve accomplished with this project is very fulfilling and I am very pleased to present this to you, in the hopes of bringing in a wider audience into Hebraic Praise in the beauty of Holiness! I hope you and your whole family enjoy the CD as much as we enjoyed making it!

Rich blessings from Zion,
Micha’el Ben David

It was great to collaborate with the likes of James Block, Alon Tamir, Andrey Levin, Phil Rogers, Yonatan Niv, Yaron Yerachmiel Cherniak, Elihana Elia, Israel Elia, Lior Tamir and last but not least my beautiful wife Ashley Ben David whom I met during the making of this CD – I was calling forth my Eshet Chayil. Thank you all for your creative input, help, talents and efforts in making this CD a success. May Elohim greatly bless you and give you increase!

Thank you to HaKadosh Baruch Hu, the Holy One of Israel, and the soon coming King Melech HaMashiach Yeshua Ben David for empowering me to do what I do, for equipping me and sustaining me in the calling which He’s called me for His holy purposes.

Thank you to all my family, friends and fans around the world for your loving support always! May you all be kept under the shadow of His wings.

Last but far from least, thank you to my beautiful wife Ashley Ben David for coming along side of me in this journey; in HaDerech/the way, the truth and the Life. I love you dearly, my Bride.

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