Esther’s Song

Shalom U’Vracha Chaverim Yekarim,

We, at EmetZionMusic, do hope that you enjoy this beautiful rendition of the story of Esther, a story of great courage that is very much so for our Day. We just sense that we’ve entered a very set apart season in the world. And we at EmetZionMusic wanted to convey a message to all fearers and followers of the God of Israel that we have been set apart as a holy generation, a Mamlechet Cohanim, for such a time as this! And we will collectively need to be like Esther, willing to lay down our comfort zones, our position in life, our talents, our wealth, our safety and even our lives for the sake of the Redemption and Salvation of all Israel including all her commonwealth, the nations that are called by Yah’s name!

The world is getting pretty dark by the day and by the minute, and as our prophet Yeshayahu – Isaiah has written truly “Darkness will fill the earth and gross darkness the people” that day is upon but we know also that when that day comes then “the GLORY / KAVOD of HaShem will arise upon us” and upon all the dwelling places of Zion! So be it! B”H!

Please do prepare your hearts and meditate upon the possibilities or better yet the probabilities of what is to come upon the whole world and ask yourself this question: “Am I willing to be like Queen Esther of Old and lay down my life for the deliverance and salvation of my people, of Israel, and of all the people of Yah?”

Be richly blessed and enjoy the preparation season that we are in for we know that the time is short and we will be called upon like Esther was called into great positions and calling by YHVH’s sovereign choice, perfectly placed only to save MULTITUDES in the Valley of Decision! Choose LIFE & Help others CHOOSE LIFE!

Please Join us in Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem and of all Israel…..all her tribes and all those who stand with her and her God!

Yours truly & with His great Love,

Micha’el Eliyahu & Ashley Esther Ben David,
His Messengers!

Lyrics to Ether’s Song

Go and gather all of the Jews
who are present in Shushan, and fast for me;
neither eat nor drink for three days, night or day.
My maids and I will fast likewise. And so I will go
to the king, which is against the law [of the land] and if I perish, I perish, I perish

If I perish, then I perish if I perish I perish



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