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Born in Zion

Born in Zion by Micha'el & Ashley BenDavid With beautiful sounds of praise and timeless words of Old, Micha'el and Ashley BenDavid encourage all (both big and small) in this album. These uplifting songs help us draw near to our Creator and remind us of His love for us and for our children. In this…
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Esther’s Song

Shalom U'Vracha Chaverim Yekarim, We, at EmetZionMusic, do hope that you enjoy this beautiful rendition of the story of Esther, a story of great courage that is very much so for our Day. We just sense that we've entered a very set apart season in the world. And we at EmetZionMusic wanted to convey a…
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New album is almost here! Kol Yonah / Voice of a Dove

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT: Our first CD project together "Kol Yonah / Voice of a Dove" as a family is almost ready folks with tunes such as: When Israel Was a Child, Adon Olam, Lecha Dodi, Osseh Shalom, Adonai Uri and many other new niggunim / melodies from Shamayim, the very Throne of…
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The nature of a human being is to simply react, to throw back at others the medicine they mete out to you. This is what Rava, the Babylonian Jewish sage, would advise: Ignore the urge to return bad with bad, hurt with hurt, scorn with scorn —and the heavenly court will ignore your scorning, your…
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