Monthly Archives: July 2016

Amech Ami (Your People, My People) – HD video

Shalom, shalom :) Thanks for supporting this ministry by purchasing our HD video, Amech Ami, for $9.99. We're sincerely grateful, and your support enables us to produce more music and videos. Todah rabah! -Micha'el & Ashley BenDavid [insert page='2570' display='content']
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Watchman: What of the Night?

Watchman, What of the Night? by Micha'el BenDavid What a journey making this CD has been whereas we explored with many different genres such as jazz, reggae, hip-hop, Mizrachi, African, Irish, even techno/dance. Not something I would normally do, but it felt good to spread my creative wings as teh writer/producer. Having achieved what we’ve…
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Tikvah v’Ruach Chen (Hope and the Spirit of Grace)

Hope & the Spirit of Grace by Micha'el BenDavid There wouldn't be any HOPE for me, for all Israel, nor for the nations without HaKadosh Baruch Hu YHVH the Creator of the Universe, the Holy One of Israel, Blessed Be He & Yeshua Melech HaMoshiach through Whom and by Whom and in Whom all things…
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