Yireh Hashem יראי השם (You Who Fear the Lord)

Taken from Psalm 115:11,13-15


HALELU-YAH Ki L’Olam Chasdo!

Praise Him for His Mercy Endures Forever!

Shalom Beloveds, it’s the 18th of Elul today and we’re happy to release this precious music video to the world for such a TIME AS THIS. May it bring CHAI LIFE and encouragement to all families who fear and love HaShem; for this is one of the most exciting times of the year!

“At the same time,” says YHVH, “I will be Elohim of all the families of Israel, and they shall be My people.” Yirm’yahu / Jeremiah 31:1

I believe this is the time for families who dwell in the Beauty of Holiness to shine in this present darkness as great lights to bring change to a desperate and lost generation!

Yom Teruah is fast approaching ushering in the newness that El Elyon wants to bring forth on the earth and we are excited and hopeful for the great things He will do.! May you ALL be sealed for a most beautiful and prosperous season!

Make your appeal! The King is in the Field! Prepare your hearts to receive all that Shamayim has for you!

I just love this time of year as we approach the high holidays and the season of Teshuva! There is a since of AWE and of HaShem’s Presence in our midst! We feel Him drawing close to us so we can easily get right on track with Him HaKadosh Baruch Hu! Yes it’s a time to ask Him to search our hearts for deep and hidden things that only our Creator can know and expose and heal! “Heal us O HaShem and we shall be healed! Save us and we shall be saved!” the Prophet Jeremiah

Special thanks to my God & King and to all who were involved in making this Music Video a beautiful and a glorious success!

Shalom, shalom to ALL our friends around the world, may all your names be written in the Book of Life and sealed forever in Him, our precious King, Who gave all for us and made Kippur forever for those who love Him and are obedient to His Torah, His Word & Full Counsel.

Chag Sameach!!!

Wishing you all success, blessings, Happiness, Hope, LOVE & JOY throughout 5779 and until Mashiach comes / returns whatever your stance may. One thing for sure, we know HE IS COMING, and He is coming to judge the world with Righteousness and His people with Truth! Psalm 96

“Here am I, me and the children whom HaShem has given me, we are for signs and wonders in Israel from Adonai Tsevaot who dwells in Zion” Isaiah 8:18

Yours truly & with His great Love,

Micha’el Eliyahu BenDavid,
His Messenger!

Los que teméis á Jehová, confiad en Jehová: El es su ayuda y su escudo.
Bendecirá á los que temen á Jehová; A chicos y á grandes.
Acrecentará Jehová bendición sobre vosotros; Sobre vosotros y sobre vuestros hijos.
Benditos vosotros de Jehová, Que hizo los cielos y la tierra.

Vós, os que temeis ao Senhor, confiai no Senhor; ele é seu auxílio e seu escudo.
Abençoará os que temem ao Senhor, tanto pequenos como grandes.
Aumente-vos o Senhor cada vez mais, a vós e a vossos filhos.
Sede vós benditos do Senhor, que fez os céus e a terra.

Którzy się boicie Pana, ufajcie w Panu; on jest pomocnikiem i tarczą ich.Będzie błogosławił tym, którzy się boją Pana, małym i wielkim. Rozmnoży was Pan, was i synów waszych. Błogosławieniście wy od Pana, który stworzył niebo i ziemię.

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