When Israel Was a Child music video released!

Shalom Chaverim and happy Hanukkah!

My family, along with EmetZion Music would like to present to you our newest video, ‘When Israel was a Child’ featuring our firstborn daughter, Kineret, as ‘Baby Israel’.

When Israel Was a Child (Hosea 11)

By Micha’el Eliyahu & Ashley BenDavid

We hope you all enjoy the new music video!

Interested in supporting our work? When Israel Was a Child HD video download is available for $9.99. Purchasing it supports our ministry, enables us to produce music and videos for Hashem, and enables us to reach yet more in Israel and the nations. If you think that’s a worthy cause, please purchase the HD video. Thanks for your support!

Shalom and blessings from Zion,
Micha’el & Ashley BenDavid