Born in Zion

With beautiful sounds of praise and timeless words of Old, Micha’el and Ashley BenDavid encourage all (both big and small) in this album. These uplifting songs help us draw near to our Creator and remind us of His love for us and for our children. In this season of their lives, as the BenDavids embrace their role as parents, it is a perfect melodious picture of our Heavenly Father turning our hearts back to the children. The scriptures and lyrics are a call to see children as precious blessings and to raise them up in the way they should go. Within this music is the message of hope, thanksgiving, restoration and that His will is done.

-Eric & Chrissy Gondek


Born In Zion is a beautiful mixture of lullibies, waltzes and fun songs from a father’s heart to his children. Micha’el has captured the scripture in music for his own children and children of all ages that, I believe, has been inspired from our heavenly Father’s heart to be a gift to all His children, Am Israel. With the desire of a Father to bring comfort and peace, to dance and rejoice with us, in this time of regathering and return. The Born in Zion album is also a wonderful way to hear and learn the scripture as you sing along, on your own or with your children or grandchildren what our heavenly Father wants His children of all ages to know in this day.

-Laura Jarvis

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