Voice of a Dove

The CD ‘Voice of a Dove’, in Hebrew known as ‘Kol Yonah’, is the newest album released from the Israeli Psalmist Micha’el BenDavid and his wife, Ashley.

Micha’el’s 7th CD and the first with his beloved Bride, displays the beauty of the completion, perfection and wholeness of Elohim’s work in Creation and in us, His children (this perfection which can be represented by the number 7) and His covenant He has made with us by oath (Shabbat being that sign) is in the same way a husband holds covenant with his bride.

The original anointed voice of Micha’el BenDavid blends together with the voice and flute playing of his wife, Ashley, and the talents of other Israeli musicians from across the land bringing you this heavenly project filled with the sounds of love and joy! With 15 full-length tracks including 2 bonus instrumentals, this CD will help you ascend to the throne room of Shamayim (heaven). It contains prayerful songs for Shabbat, Purim, Divine Assistance, Reflection and for His will to be done in our lives. You will find Classical, Contemporary, Middle-eastern and Caribbean flavours throughout.

May all who hear these sounds be blessed tremendously as they listen and journey around Israel and the Islands.
With love from Zion!

EmetZionMusic Team

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  1. wouah wouah wouha ... AlleLHouYaha ...that's a Voice that came to be heard and manifested... Mazal TOV Michael if you can see the website of joseph dumond and study his chart of the shmita and jubilee years and the timing of the 120 years that Hashem spoke in Gen.6 you will be blessed and prepared with oil for the time ahead and the banquet of the Lamp. and teach it also to other. Joseph will be at Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem from the 16 to the 26-09.16. please come and join... www.sightedmoon.com
  2. Discovered your music on YouTube searching for Messanic worship and absolutely LOVE IT ALL! I'm praying for 9 grand daughters to be directed to men of your caliber. May Yahweh nightly bless and protect you and all in your life. I'm sharing your music with everyone I know and all over FB. Shalom!
  3. The music is comforting my soul and making my life really happier. I am very grateful that He is giving this to His Creation to live only for Him. May Elohim Bless your ministry in an abundant way in every way and sing over the nations time and time again.
  4. This music is so heavenly and soothing. God bless you Mocha'el Ben David for being obedient to Adonai.
  5. Where do I begin? Out of my brokenness, I search the internet for spiritual songs last week and saw this cool looking brother singing Hebrew songs! To see and hear you minister, is like I've never heard before.I felt the anointing through the songs of Psalms and through out the many scriptures you speak of. Needless to say The Lord is healing my wounds of my brokenness. I deeply appreciate the special anointing Yeshua has on your life. I need to mention one more thing, I love the duet with Ashley, your wife! Particularly, the You Tube Video, Tov V'Yashar, (forgive me if I misspelled this word, I'm a sister from New Jersey). Let me explain about how Ashley Kate, just comes out with it, " TOV V'YASHAR"! I can't contain myself and I start to yell, SING GIRL!" And your Saxophonist, I can't,I can't! It just ministries to me and melts away whatever I have going on inside. Blessings to you and your extended family. Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem. May you and Ashley continue to demonstrate as living epistles of the Gospel. I will be buying your music so your work can continue and that the Gospel is reached to both Jew and Gentile.
  6. HallleluYah, shalom and love from 'down under'. We look forward to the whole album being available soon, while we'll enjoy these beautiful songs. It's so wonderful to see Abba blessing your whole family ... your love and music to His glory, together.
  7. Joshua, chapter24 verse 15.Thank YOU
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  9. Ruth
    This is the music I have been longing for! It ministers to me-- and somehow deeply resonates with my spirit. I had barely begun playing the second track when I found myself so deeply moved I was crying. This is music I will want to share with others. Both beautiful and powerful. <3