Birth Pangs of Mashiach

This song, B”H, will be on our double CD coming out real soon, titled “Mi Yaaleh L’Har Kodsho?” (Who May Ascend to His Holy Hill?) And the music video, featuring my good friend ESRA DIETZE, is very timely, in light of everything happening in Israel and around the world. As watchmen on the wall, posted here by HaKadosh Baruch Hu (the holy One Blessed Be He), to stand in the Gap for this generation, one can’t help but to sense the severity of the times we are living in and that GEULAH (Redemption) is imminent and at hand.

The kingdoms are clashing and will continue to clash as it gets darker and darker, for it is written that gross darkness will cover the people of the earth; but rest assured that the sons (and daughters) of the Kingdom of Light will overcome and will shine as STARS in the Firmament leading many to Righteousness, B”H! They will walk in an authority rarely seen on earth as in the Days of Elijah and Elisha. This song and video should encourage the sons and daughters of Zion to walk in that LOVE Authority that our Master and King Himself walked in on earth…

Hope you will enjoy and be encouraged by this timely video and message; proclaiming that the time of Mashiach is once again at Hand for the fulfullment and restoration of all things. Be still for we will all behold His Splendor, Power and Glory on earth and YHVH will be glorified as the One true Elohim.

May the knowledge of YHVH cover the Land (Earth) as waters cover the Sea.

We look to the YESHUAT HASHEM /the Salvation of Yah to bring forth the Redemption Geulah that we all eagerly wait and long for, B’Ezrat HaShem!

Brachot! Love. Micha’el & Ashley & Team

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VIDEOGRAPHY CREDITS: Lian Noll on Drone Ashley & Micha’el BenDavid on Camera (Gimbal)

LYRICS below:

Listen! Yeah Mon
Remember what the Master said:
Take heed that no one deceives you. well the great deception is upon the nations so whatchu gonna do now? Look up for your redemption draws near. Little Sheep have no fear! For He will wipe away dem tears. Bring de ridem (the rythm)…

These are the Birth pangs of Mashiach, these are the Birth pangs of Mashiach

Verse 1
When you see all these troubles that come upon the world. And you hear of wars and rumors of wars.
These are the Birth pangs, these are the birth pangs of Mashiach! x2

Verse 2
When the world is calling good evil and evil good,
And there is no right and wrong no more
These are the birth pangs of Mashiach these are the birth pangs of Mashiach

Verse 3
Your Kingdom come, your will be done.
The whole world will one Day know that You are the One,
You’re the Only Judge YAH and Your Name is One.
You will judge the world and hasatan
These are the birth pangs of Mashiach
These are the birth pangs of Mashiach

Verse 4
When they pushing their agenda and their New world order
And they don’t care none for one another
These are the birthpangs of mashiach
These are the birthpangs of mashiach
When all the nations come against Israel
Against the holy City of Jerusalem
These are the birth pangs of Mashiach
These are the birth pangs of mashiach 

Verse 5
You shall trample on demons, and serpents and scorpions
And nothing at all shall by any means hurt you.
Cast out the devils and heal the sick, raise up the dead and open deaf ears.
The sons of the Kingdom will walk like the King
Imbued with power for this hour
In His authority, authority the lame shall walk, and the blind will see

Bridge Chorus
Behold I send before you my messenger
And he will clear the Way before I come
Behold I send before you my messenger
And he will clear the Way

Who can endure the day of his coming again?
Who can stand when he appears  as the son of man?
He will sit and purify the sons of Old
And refine them like precious silver and Gold
From the days of Old
Your fathers turned aside from my statutes but I,
I kept them alive
Now return to me and I’ll return to you.
Don’t run towards the cliff as a stiff-necked fool.
Those who fear the L-rd 
Their names will be written  in the Book of remembrance
For they didn’t  remain on the fence
Getting G-d’s attention
Got spared cause they are  G-d’s possession
You will see the difference between the righteous man
Who serves G-d and those who built on sand
The line will be fine but obvious in the End
Are you IN or OUT of the promised land?

Ending verses

Authority we got authority
O sons of Zion rise up and SING
Authority we got authority from the Heavens we got authority
Decree a Word and it shall be established 4X

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