El Shaddai Mi Kamocha (Who is Like You, El Shaddai?)

This Video was shot in September 2013 in Stockholm the same day that President Obama was visiting the country of Sweden! You will see the American flag in one of the shots flying high in honor of the US president! It was then and there that we were proclaiming amongst all the hoopla over an earthly ruler that there is NONE like Hashem “Who is like You amongst all gods? Who is like You amongst all men? Who is like You amongst all created things? There is NO ONE like YOU!”

So please enjoy and Join me in Giving Him Thanks in this season to the Holy One Blessed Be He & join also in celebrating 9 full years of EmetZionMusic International Service & Ministry to YHVH & all His people internationally, beginning in Jerusalem and to over 40 nations of the world! My Goal/Heart Desire is to fill the Earth with the Knowledge of YHVH/YESHUA as the waters cover the Sea so that many may truly know and love Him through the Proclamation of His Word, the Singing of the Songs of Zion and the Teaching of Torah in its Fullness by the Spirit of Truth; bringing forth the Light that is to be found only in Mashiach Yeshua!

“For out of Zion shall go forth TORAH and the Word of YHVH from Jerusalem!”

Yeshayahu/Isaiah: “Behold El/God is my Salvation, I will trust & not be afraid; for Yah, YHVH, is my Strength and my Song; He has become unto me Yeshua(h) ~Salvation!” Isaiah 12:2

There is a battle for our Faith! Remain faithful always to the Faithful One, the Holy One of Israel, our Creator KING YHVH TSEVA’OT for He is COMING and His REWARD is with HIM! Kadosh! Kadosh! KADOSH! May the whole earth be filled with His Glory! [Isaiah 6]

Special thanks to my God & King and to all who were involved in making this Song & Music Video a beautiful and a glorious success! And holy shout outs especially to my Music Production partner Phil Rogers, the musicians: Elisheva Ruf, Gabriel Leonhard, Yoni Niv, Eliyahu Rosenblaum, James Block, Ofer Golany! Special thanks to Dexter Esclaives of Green-Eye Productions Brussels on videography! Leif and Rachel Forss, Lars Enarson & family and Rory Kaye & family for their hospitality

Shalom, shalom to all peoples and nations of the world, from the City of the Great KING, Jerusalem/Yerushalaim, the City of Peace! So please continue to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and all Israel…..

Yours truly & with His great Love,

Micha’el Eliyahu Ben David,
His Messenger!

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