Happy is the Man / Ashrei Ish אשרי איש

This song and music video is a big testament to HaVaYah’s goodness in my life. By His great Chesed / Grace, I aim to be a Psalm 112 man; and to leave a powerful mark on this generation to help bring everyone closer to HaKadosh Baruch Hu. and closer to His Truth. Please like and share and comment….and of course SUBSCRIBE for more beautiful holy content coming out in this season B”H!

Blessings to Am Israel and to all the righteous ones in the nations of the world…

With Love,
Micha’el Eliyahu

His Beloved!

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Ashrey Ish Yire Et HaShem
B’Mitzvotav Chafetz Me’od
Gibor BaAretz Yihyeh Zaro
Dor Yesharim Yevorach
Hon VaOsher Bi’Beito
V’Tzidkato Omedet La’Ad
Zarach BaChoshech Or L’Yesharim
Chanun V’Rachum V’Tzadik

Happy is the man who, who fears HaShem
Who delights greatly in His commandments
His seed shall be mighty in the Land;
His generation shall truly be blessed
Wealth and riches are in his house;
His righteousness endures forever
He shall shine as light in the darkness
Gracious, merciful and righteous is he.

yananaina yanaiyananyanaina

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